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First “Post-Merger” Project Proves Quality is More Important than Profits

As you may be aware, the DUCTZ National Service Team (NST) and several DUCTZ and DUCTBUSTERS franchise owners just completed a NST project as part of the ongoing effort to rebuild New Orleans after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. This was the first time the technicians from both DUCTZ and DUCTBUSTERS had the chance to work together. Together the team cleaned the systems in several schools that had been closed since the hurricane and in doing so they helped prepare for the return of students next week.

While this major project was in process, there were several other large projects out for bid. Tom Handyside, the Director of Sales and Corporate Accounts for the NST, had the opportunity to talk with a potential customer and share the information below. It is a great testament to the high quality work being done out in the field, but perhaps more importantly; it tells the true story of what is at the heart of our business – the desire to improve people’s lives by providing them with cleaner air to breathe.

Here is an excerpt from an email between Tom and the potential client:

“First, I believe the value and quality of work that we bring to the table is far superior to anyone else in the industry. So much so, I sometimes feel we are ahead of the curve in value provided which may tend to create the impression that we are not competitive from a financial standpoint. I have attached an article discussing our recent merger with DUCTBUSTERS that made our organization the nation’s largest contractor addressing indoor air quality issues. It also points out the value and experience that Tom Yacobellis brings to the DUCTZ National Service Team as its Chief Operating Officer.

As you might expect, there is a world of difference in pricing and quality of work when the specifications and standards for work are vague (no fault of yours, by the way). Our work was predicated on adhering to the NADCA and NIOSH standards as detailed in the proposal. I would be happy to discuss our bid in more detail, including the level of work we proposed, the man-hours anticipated based on over 10 years of data from performing this type of work and the training and experience of the key people managing and performing the cleaning aspects.

We never approach a project of this importance by merely assembling a labor pool of unskilled workers; nor do we approach a job by looking to get our feet in the door and then begin a string of Change Orders.

Second, your client in particular and the insurance industry in general, needs to be cognizant of practices and procedures that will leave them holding the liability bag because of shoddy, substandard workmanship. We are currently working in New Orleans, having taken over a project from another “duct cleaner” that did not do a good job of evaluating a project, under bid it and ultimately could not adequately staff or perform the required work. I’ve attached a picture of a portion of their work that was allegedly completed (by the way, complete documentation of our work is value added in our pricing for all of our projects). You can see the lack of repair to insulation and the inferior coating job done to re-line the ductwork interior. Under pressure to complete the job in the time-frame of the original contractor, our technicians were presented with the option of doing work substandard to minimal NADCA criteria. To a man, all 25 of them said “NO.”

Even though we did not get the work, we thought you would like to hear about this situation – it really speaks volumes about both DUCTBUSTERS and DUCTZ individually, about us as a merged organization, and about all of our team members -- as people who care about others and will choose to stand on that belief and do the right thing.

We would like to thank the following folks for working on everyone’s behalf to complete the job the right way:

Greg Long, Sami Laine, DUCTBUSTERS Chattanooga, TN (DB14), DUCTBUSTERS Plymouth, MA (DB25), DUCTBUSTERS Huntsville, AL (DB26), DUCTBUSTERS Peoria, IL (DB27), DUCTBUSTERS Atlanta, GA (DB29), DUCTBUSTERS Novi, MI (DB30), DUCTBUSTERS Jackson, MS (DB32), DUCTZ of Memphis, DUCTZ of Southeast Michigan, and the entire DUCTZ National Service Team.

In addition, we would like to commend John Delhommer owner of DUCTBUSTERS New Orleans for allowing the other DUCTBUSTERS crews to enter his area and work on the project restoring these elementary schools. John visited the site about half way through the project to visit with the crews.

We are very proud of all of you and thank you for serving as an inspiration to us all.

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